Becoming a Rockstar Curator of Superfoods

“Curators, by modern definition, carefully and decisively choose among the best of all that’s available and often create entirely new ideas and perspectives out of that information, all while using their own voice.” – Brit Morin, Huffington Post

I love superfoods!

I like to call myself a “results-driven eater,” which means I eat for energy, beauty, health, vitality, and love. I just love high-quality, pure food – my motto is: keep it simple and simply delicious.


As a mom and business owner living in New York City, I’m always searching for ways to boost my energy. And I’ve learned after many years of trial and error that the best way to energize my body is with high-vibrating, plant-rich nutrition – mainly raw and unprocessed foods.

I didn’t always eat foods like this.
I used to suffer from chronic constipation, eczema, digestive issues, and low energy. I would start every morning with a coffee and bagel, and relied heavily on sugar and caffeine to keep me going throughout the day. I was obsessed with counting calories and how much fat I was consuming. Despite my best efforts, I always felt like my body was holding me back from doing everything I wanted to do.

My turning point came when I had my son. The foods I was consuming had no nourishment and left me utterly exhausted, depleted and depressed – how could I take care of my beautiful son if I can’t even get out of bed! I knew I had to do something radically different – so I started to seriously study how to take better care of my body.

I poured myself into books, courses, experts, cooking classes, holistic healers, anything I could find. And eventually, I stumbled onto something new that would change my life: superfoods. I learned that superfoods are Mother Nature’s gift to us. These special foods are full of the vitamins, minerals and vital life force that our bodies need to thrive.


A great example is pecans, which are loaded with 19 essential brain-boosting vitamins and minerals. Or walnuts, which contain CoQ10, a nutrient that helps our cells produce energy; and ALA, a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid.

Raw or dark chocolate made from unprocessed cacao that has not been roasted or heated above 115 degrees is a true superfood. Raw cacao helps lower oxidative stress because of its super-high levels of magnesium.

I learned to craft all of my meals with these foods – from superfood smoothies to gorgeous soups, salads made with dandelion, seaweed, and hemp seeds, and pudding made with raw cacao and avocado for dessert – yum!

I gave up meat, dairy, and processed foods, and I stopped counting calories. Not long after, I started to notice positive results. I felt better – I had more energy, creativity, and focus. And my friends started asking me what products I was using because my new way of eating was having a radiant effect on my skin.



Then, as my son got older and more interested in snacks, I discovered how hard it was to find snacks made with superfoods – everything on the market was either made with nutrient-deficient, artificial, processed ingredients, or tasted so bad that my son refused to eat them.

Out of a burning desire to find snacks for my son that would give him the same energy, health, and wellbeing I’d found for myself, Snack Bare was born. I spent months in health food stores and online, searching for the right combination of top-shelf ingredients, off-the-charts nutrition, amazing taste, and responsible sourcing.

I added sustainability to my list of requirements, because one of the most important insights that came out of my research was that the quality of our food is directly related to the care of the soil, air and community that the food comes from.

As I channeled my passion for nutrition into my business, my mission evolved to helping people nourish their lives and healing our planet.

My intention is to find the very best sustainable superfood snacks on the planet, and make them accessible to people who value true nourishment – caring for the health of our body, family, community, and planet. And I’m excited to share the fruits of this journey with you.


My team and I are very proud of our first superfood snack curation: the Superfood Energy Pack, a sampler made up of the five very best snacks we’ve discovered. To learn what they are and try it for yourself, click here.

If you haven’t already, please head over to our new website and join our list to learn more about superfoods and discover new snacks we’ll be adding to our curation. You’ll also get our free guide “10 Tips to Naturally Boost Your Energy” when you became a member of our tribe.

With gratitude,
Nicole Alexandra xx

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